Bringing a product to life and
cutting manufacturing costs just got easy.

Sourcify connects you to the right pre-vetted factory and helps manage
a production run through our platform.
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What we do


Sourcify helps companies bring
products to life faster. What takes
sourcing agents a month, takes our
platform a week.


Sourcify helps reduce unit costs.
We work directly with factories that
we pre-vet. No middlemen or trading
companies taking their own margin.

How we do it

Right factory

We introduce you to the right factory that we’ve pre-vetted based on your needs.

Our software

Our project management software streamlines communication with a factory.

We cover everything

Our platform covers everything from a first sample to a finished production run.

Team in Asia

We work with our own team in Asia and have strong relationships with factories.


  • Author
    Get On Fleek
    Orlando, FL
    "Finding a manufacturer was a nightmare. Sourcify understood my goals and introduced me to a manufacturer that I've been working with ever since."
  • Author
    SLVR Lining
    Apparel | Worldwide
    "Finding a manufacturer was one of our biggest challenges. We started with Alibaba and fell victim to fraud. That is when I heard of Sourcify. Our business has changed ever since. We were introduced to a great manufacturer that fit our needs and no longer had to struggle finding a manufacturer to work with."
  • Author
    Brew Cutlery
    Food & Drink | San Diego, CA
    "I could never find the right manufacturer through Alibaba. I tried for months and every manufacturer I talked to wasn't going to work out. That is when I decided to seek help from Sourcify. Within a week they introduced me to a manufacturer I've been happily working with."
  • Author
    Appliances | Decatur, AL
    "Thanks so much Nathan and team at Sourcify! We are a manufacturing company, and were able to cut costs by 65% on a key item by going direct to the manufacturer instead of having to go through 2 middle men to get a less quality imported product here the US."
  • Author
    Apparel | Stanford, CA
    "We wasted over three months trying to find a manufacturer on our own. That is when we heard of Sourcify and decided to give their platform a try. It took us some time to clearly state our specifications and once we were on the same page with the Sourcify team, their platform easily got us through the whole product development cycle."
  • Author
    Anchor and Sail
    Watches | Worldwide
    "I have always wanted to start my own watch company and as a designer, I had the designs set but couldn’t find a manufacturer to bring these designs to life. Sourcify introduced me to a manufacturer that I’ve been working with ever since and their platform helped me understand where I was in production."

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Why use Sourcify?

Source Securly

Sourcify ensures a secure relationships between companies and factories.

Validated Credentials

Sourcify verifies the credentials of every factory before they are allowed into our network.

Save Time

Sourcify introduces you to a pre-vetted manufacturer that fits your needs.

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