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A growing business is looking to extend their product line.

When Matt at Lume Cube, a premium innovator of action sports accessories contacted us, they were growing at a rapid rate and wanted to extend their product line. Their stellar line Go Pro lights were selling like hot cakes off the shelves and with their growing customer base, they wanted more products to sell.

In Lume Cube's case, they already had ideas as to which new products they'd like to introduce. This included a battery pack to keep their lume cube lights charged, as well as a tool box to keep a photographer's equipment organized. For Matt and his team, they already knew some similar products on the market that they wanted to innovate on.

With this in mind, Lume Cube sent us their ideas for what their battery pack and tool box would look like. From there our team got to work and ended up introducing them to the right manufacturers for both products within a week.

One of the manufacturers we found for them, turned out to be the actual manufacturer that produced the example battery pack they had sent us.

When we found them this manufacturer, we knew it'd be a great situation as Lume Cube's goal was to innovate upon this existing product.

Additionally, by using this manufacturer that already produced a similar product, Lume Cube was able to save money by not having to create their own mold from scratch.

One of the biggest costs of production for any company stems from creating a mold. One of the manufacturing hacks we utilize at Sourcify, is introducing clients to a manufacturer that already has a similar mold. This means your mold will be customized to fit your product specifications, but you'll save costs because you don't have to open a new mold from scratch.

When we work with a growing business, we're always excited to help them bring new products to life!

If you have a business and are looking to extend your product line, it's time to give Sourcify a try!

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