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A small business knows it is paying too much for a specific part.

When John at JJ George, a premium seller of outdoor grill and grill equipment contact us, they were in quite a predicament. All of their products are proudly made in America, but they knew they were paying too much for some specific parts.

In John's case, this part happened to be a caster, the wheels that goes on the bottom of furniture. John knew he was paying nearly twice what he should pay for this part, as he was buying from a local wholesale supplier. John knew his wholesale supplier had to be buying these products from somewhere, as his supplier didn't have a manufacturing facility to make these parts.

John was determined to find the direct source, as specific parts like these were eating his margin.

When John was scrolling through a Shopify focused Facebook group, he stumbled across Sourcify. He was hesitant to reach out because he knew the part he was looking for was super specific.

John told us about his company JJ George and the amazing grills they have been making. He told us as a small business owner, he needed to cut his costs for these specific parts to stay in business.

Our team at Sourcify was determined to help John and his company cut costs. We began by understanding the market for casters and where his wholesale supplier in America may be buying their products.

As it turns out, there are about five major hardware manufacturers in China who focus on producing casters. Our team at Sourcify connected with all five and found the one who produced the exact caster for John's wholesale supplier.

When we work with a growing business, we're always excited to help them bring new products to life!

Now, instead of buying through a wholesale supplier, John is purchasing this part directly from the manufacturer. As John says, "Thanks so much Nathan and team at Sourcify! We are a manufacturing company, and were able to cut costs by 65% on a key item by going direct to the manufacturer instead of having to go through 2 middle men to get a less quality imported product here the US."

Our team at Sourcify was beyond excited to help JJ George cut costs by over 65%!

If you have a business and think you're paying too much for a specific part, it's time to try Sourcify!

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