How to Manufacture Your Products in China

Manufacturing in China can be a hard process. With hundreds if not thousands of potential manufacturers for your product, finding the right one is often a nightmare. The key to getting through this process is making a plan of action, each step of the way.

To manufacture in China, you’re going to have to understand all aspects of your product, the types of materials you want to use, due diligence practices, key communication tactics, and more. This may seem like a lot, but if you break it down into a step-by-step process, you’ll be on your way to bringing your idea to life in no time!

In my experience bringing dozens of products to market, the key to finding the right manufacture lies in your ability to conduct due diligence, communicate your idea clearly, and follow up with your potential manufacturers.

To break this down in a clearer way, below are three keys to having a product manufactured in China:

Find a Reliable Starting Point

Right now, when most people look to find a manufacturer in China, they turn to Alibaba. Though this is a solid starting point, you’ll soon realize how confusing and complicated it is to use their sourcing database. Not only is it full of frauds, their communication platform is also unreliable and hard to use.

This is one of the main reasons why we started Sourcify: we were fed up trying to use online databases to find the right manufacturers.

Communicate Constantly

You wouldn’t hire someone without talking to them first, right? One of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs making is trying to buy supplies without even talking to the potential supplier. There are plenty of sites such as Alibaba where it seems like you can simply order the perfect product. Never order something without first establishing a relationship. For every reputable supplier you find, there are 10 scammers.

We once had a client ask us what we do when a manufacturer is making their mold. They thought there wasn’t any work during this period. We were astonished– if you aren’t in constant communication with your manufacturer, how can you know they’re on track?

We recommend speaking with your manufacturer at least twice per week. This could be a simple how are you, or a more detailed question that you’ve been thinking about. The key to this approach lies in the top of mind mentality: by speaking with your manufacturer often, you will always be in their head.

Cross Reference

Why rely on one source when there are multiple? We are always blown away that people think that just because a manufacturer has good reviews on one site, the manufacturer is legit. People should know by now that you can pay for reviews and not every database has a valid rating system.

To start seeing if your potential manufacturer is legit, see if they have their own website and if their email is @TheirWebsite. From there, move onto searching for them on outsourcing websites such as Alibaba and Global Sources. Next, see if they attend trade shows or are a part of any trade organizations. Checking and double checking their credibility is the most important part of connecting with a potential supplier.

Having a product manufactured in China isn’t the easiest process. You’re going to spend a lot of time finding the right manufacturer and even then, you’ll just be starting the process of making your idea a product. Though it may seem hard, remember every business that produces a product needs a manufacturer so hundreds of thousands of people have been through this process. If they can do it, so can you!