We're on a mission that will make bringing a product to life easy.

Finding the right manufacturing partner is the first essential step to sourcing. We aim to enable any company, small or large, to easily go from an idea to physical product.

By utilizing our database of the world's top manufacturers, we can swiftly make the right introductions and walk you through a production process. Our software starts by understanding your needs then uses that data to match you with a world class manufacturer. From there, we offer a full suite of tools that help you develop your product from an idea to getting your first sale.


"I could never find the right manufacturer through Alibaba. I tried for months and every manufacturers I talked to wasn't going to work out. That is when I decided to seek help from Sourcify. Within a week they introduced me to a manufacturer I've been happily working with!"

Kevin Newburg

CEO of Brew Cutlery
John Jacobs

"Thanks so much Nathan and team at Sourcify! We are a manufacturing company, and were able to cut costs by 65% on a key item by going direct to the manufacturer instead of having to go through 2 middle men to get a less quality imported product here the US."

John Jacobs

CEO of JJ George

"Finding a manufacturer was one of our biggest challenges. We started with Alibaba and fell victim to fraud. That is when I heard of Sourcify. We were introduced to a great manufacturer that fit our needs and no longer had to struggle finding a manufacturer to work with."

Ezra Mosseri

CEO of SLVR Lining